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Interview » mohax (VOCALO.ID)

“Her voice created to tell her own stories”

An interview with mohax from a creator group "VOCALO.ID", who are active in Indonesia. What is the reason he started making songs using Hatsune Miku? He revealed his feelings that he is looking forward to Miku's concert too much to sleep.

Please introduce yourself.

Hello! I’m a Vocaloid enthusiast from a faraway place, a warm country named Indonesia. listen to Vocaloid songs and various genre of music. Sometimes I write songs too. Nice too meet you! And also, Hello to everyone!

Why did you start making songs using Vocaloid?

Before I knew Vocaloid I rarely write songs. Playing instruments is my hobby since I was a kid. Before I knew Hatsune Miku, I used to be in a band with my schoolmates, and then doing covers, remixes or making some instrumental songs for my self-enjoyment. I knew Hatsune Miku when I was still freshman in college. Her voice is very unique, she has her own character and I love it. It became more interesting to me when I tried to make her singing in my language, and it worked very well! I also have tried to make her sing cover songs but sometimes she did not fit into it, so I decided to make her own song. I have a feeling that her voice created to tell her own stories. Since then I always making songs with Vocaloid. It really help me to compose melody and lyrics at once.

What's your favorite song? Please tell us your stories related to the song, if any.

I have a long list of my favorite songs (LOL). I’m listening to Hatsune Miku - Refrain (リフレイン) by アウトプットP . his song has a very catchy tune and nice PV. Miku sounds very cute in that song. I’m not very good at Japanese but if I’m not mistaken, this song tells about how we should live our life, even though it was difficult and full of obstacles, you can always stand back up again. It told about many things related to us in a cute way. Sometimes I also have Soundless Voice (by ひとしずくP) in my playlist as a way to remember that I always have a precious friend, Sayaka-chan (R.I.P).).

Hatsune Miku's event in Indonesia has been confirmed. What do you think about it?

Surprised! I’m too excited I can’t sleep well! XD
I thought I could only see Miku Concert in Japan. Indonesia surprisingly has many Vocaloid fans, and they did a great job in "Help Us Find You" campaign on MIKUBOOK, congratulations! I’m so happy to know that I’m not alone here. I’m so touched that Miku decided to come here, travel in such distance with her team to Indonesia. Come to think of that there are so many other countries who also has so many fans that they will give sacrifice to see Miku live in concert. We are so lucky! Thank you Miku & Crypton! Really appreciate it! I'm certainly sure that the fans here will go buy tickets for the concert, since they really appreciate the creators from Japan, appreciate their music and love Miku very much. Let's celebrate!

Please tell us about your future activities, and last word, please.

I would like to keep enjoying making music. I would like to produce different sounds, and I wish I can add more of Indonesian elements to my Vocaloid related works in the future. Last word from me, spread love and stay positive!

Thank you very much!