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How can I buy concert tickets?

You can buy the tickets on the Rajakarcis website.

Why doesn't my voucher show my allocated seat number?

For the Platinum and Gold ticket holders, your seat numbers will be made known at the redemption timing due to security reason.Your seat number is allocated based on date and time of purchase.

How can I collect my concert ticket(s)?

Tickets can only be redeemed at the venue or the Rajakarcis main outlet. Onsite collection location and timings will be announced at a later time.

Please note that you must present your original Identity Card or Passport (photocopies will NOT be accepted) and the e-voucher from Rajakarcis. Student IDs will also be accepted. The name on the voucher MUST match the Identity Card. A voucher with a different name from the Identity Card will not be accepted.

If you are collecting the ticket on behalf of someone, you must produce a photocopy of the person’s photo ID and a letter of authorization, in addition to the e-voucher and your own photo ID. If the person’s actual photo ID can be produced, the letter is not needed.

If you do not have your own photo ID, the person whose name is on the voucher must collect the ticket.

Where will the collection point at the venue be and what are the opening hours?

The collection point location at venue and opening hours will be updated at a later date.

I'm a foreigner, how can I purchase the concert tickets?

Tickets may be paid through credit card, both online and at the venue. You may collect your ticket at the designated ticketing counter at the venue on the event days.

How can I pay for my tickets on the Rajakarcis website?

Payment can be made through VISA and Mastercard credit and debit cards online.

Can I pay cash for the concert ticket(s)?

Ticket sales at physical outlets will be available at a later date. Only Indonesian Rupiah will be accepted.

What sort of ticketing plan is being used for the concerts?

Platinum and Gold concert tickets are based on reserved seating. Silver and bronze tickets are free-standing and the position is based on a first-come-first serve at the time of entry.

Is there any deadline in purchasing concert ticket(s)?

Online ticket sales will be cut off on a date to be determined at a later time. Ticket sales will be resumed on site, subject to availability.

Will there be any on-site ticket sales on the day itself?

Ticket sales will be done on-site. However, tickets are subject to availability.

What payment method can I choose for on-site ticket purchase?

Cash and credit cards will be accepted as payment. Only Indonesian Rupiah will be accepted.

I have booked concert ticket(s) outside of Indonesia, can I collect my tickets during the event day at the event venue?

Collection is available at the venue. The collection point location at venue and opening hours will be updated at a later date.

Are we allowed to bring food and drinks into the concert?

Food and drinks may not be brought into the concert. Patrons will be required to leave their food and drinks at the entry points.

What is the minimum age of entry for the concert?

The minimum age of entry to the Platinum and Gold seating areas is 6 and above. For Silver and Bronze standing areas, the minimum age of entry is 12. Tickets are required for everyone above the age of 6. Those 12 and below MUST be accompanied by at least one adult about the age of 21.

Will there be live streaming?

No live streaming of HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in Indonesia is scheduled.