May 28th & May 29th 2014
at Jakarta Convention Center Cendrawasih Room

MIKU EXPO in Indonesia Live Report

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What’s HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in Indonesia?

HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in Indonesia is a festival that will host the most popular contents about Hatsune Miku. Included are exhibitor booths with Miku-related items, toys and services, an exhibition about the history and cultural movement that was inspired by Miku, fan gathering activities and as absolute highlight the fabulous live show of Hatsune Miku using cutting-edge projection technology.

Fans will have the chance to enjoy the rare appearance of Hatsune Miku in Indonesia, and to gather with other fans of the community; other music, art and technology lovers will have the opportunity to get to know Miku, related activities, various creators and artists, and the fan community.

Berbahasa Indonesia

When and where?

Hatsune Miku EXPO 2014 in Indonesia will be 2 days event: May 28th - 29th 2014 at Jakarta Convention Center Cendrawasih Room.

Live shows

There will be 3 live shows during Hatsune Miku EXPO 2014 in Indonesia.

May 28th
The 1st show :Open : 18:30 -Start : 19:30 -
May 29th
The 2nd show :Open : 12:00 -Start : 13:00 -
The 3rd show :Open : 18:30 -Start : 19:30 -
Venue : Jakarta Convention Center Cendrawasih Room
Entry : Ticket is required
Each ticket admits one person to designated area at the time of concert which they have purchased.

There will be Hatsune Miku exhibition, cosplay experience area, company booths and concert merchandise booth!

May 28th
Open : 16:00Close : 22:00
May 29th
Open : 10:00Close : 22:00
Venue :Jakarta Convention Center Cendrawasih Room Lobby
Entry :FREE
Priority is given to concert ticket holders, when exhibition area is full. Thank you for your cooperation!