The latest MIKU EXPO workshop will be available online! Paint your own MYMIKU model and create your very own Miku scenes!

DATENov. 2nd Wed. (JST) 10 AM

MIKU EXPO Rewind+ Digital Stars Online is a club event where fans come together to party online. With global acts, come through for a unique lineup unlike any other!

Art by HxxG

DATENov. 6th Sun. (JST)

2 different opening programs to be streamed for free before each MIKU EXPO Rewind+ concert.

SCHEDULE9:25 AM - 10:25 AM

LINEUPCircusP, beat_shobon

SCHEDULE4:25 PM - 5:25 PM

LINEUPAlexTrip Sands, Digital Stars Radio (Riki)

※Only available on Twitch

MIKU EXPO Rewind+ Gallery is a virtual gallery that displays the past MIKU EXPO visuals, music videos, and related photos.

DATENov. 2nd Wed. (JST) 10 AM