HSSB Presents: MIKU EXPO Digital Stars

HSSB Presents: MIKU EXPO Digital Stars is a club event series which serves as a pre-party on nights before MIKU EXPO concerts in select cities. Featuring artists that cross genre borders in pursuit of the future, Digital Stars is the perfect event to help prepare yourself for Miku’s concert. Exclusive MIKU EXPO Digital Stars event merchandise from HSSB will be available at each venue!

April 22nd Fri from 8pmin Seattle: FRED Wildlife Refuge(all ages)
Featuring : Mark Redito, Pete Ellison, Meishi Smile, Boaconstructor, Hojo
April 29th Fri from 8pmin San Francisco: Codeword(all ages)
Featuring : Qrion, Airynore, Grimecraft, Seimei
May 5th Thu from 9pmin Los Angeles: The Lash(21+)
Featuring : Mark Redito, Meishi Smile, Φrkestrate, 2ToneDisco, TDoyle, DZZ, B&L All Stars
May 27th Fri from 8pmin New York: Littlefield(18+)
Featuring: special guest Hachioji P, and more!

For information on HSSB, click here.

MIKU EXPO Short Film Festival

Needless to say, Hatsune Miku's world is produced by innumerable amazing creators - of music, art and even movies too! MIKU EXPO will host its first short film festival by curating an exciting collection of Hatsune Miku related movies including "Mikumentary Remix", "#UltraMiku Special Edition!", and music videos that won the Grand-Prix at previous years' UGC Awards of Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market!

San Francisco
Date :May 1st (Sun)Time :12pm / 1:30pm / 3pm / 4:30pm / 6:00pm
Special Miku selection including many SNOW MIKU items available at Kinokuniya Book Store, located just across the road!
Date :May 21st (Sat)Time :Show time AM: 11:30am / Show time PM: 1:30pm
The MIKU EXPO Short Film Festival TORONTO produced by Crypton and Navito World will host a very special guest appearance by Mr. Hiroyuki Itoh, the CEO of Crypton Future Media. This event will also include an open Question and Answer session, and exclusive merchandises for sale.
Mexico city
Date :June 3rd (Fri) to 5th (Sun)Time :Everyday from 1pm and 3pm
Art exhibition and Miku merch store also available at same venue!

With a free “MIKU EXPO Supporter Pin Badge” for all ticket purchasers!

MIKU EXPO Let’s Draw! supported by Barnes and Noble

While MIKU EXPO travels through 10 cities in North America performing live concerts, the in-store side event “MIKU EXPO Let’s Draw!” will come to 11 different Barnes and Noble stores locations nationwide! Everyone is welcome to join in a free Miku-drawing workshop to help make a collaborative music video, take photos in front of a special Miku banner, and enjoy small art exhibitions. There’s even free giveaways for early participants!

April 24th Sun from 2pm in Seattle: Northgate Mall
April 26th Tue from 6pm in Portland: Clackamas Town Center
April 28th Thu from 5pm in San Francisco: Emeryville
May 2nd Mon from 7pm in San Jose: Stevens Creek Boulevard
May 4th Wed from 6pm in Los Angeles: Huntington Beach
May 8th Sun from 2pm in San Diego: Mira Mesa
May 10th Tue from 7pm in Austin: Arboretum
May 12th Thu from 7pm in Dallas: Lincoln Park
May 15th Sun from 2pm in Houston: River Oaks Shopping Center
May 23th Mon from 5pm in Chicago: Old Orchard, Skokie
Autograph Signing Session with Hachioji P
May 27th Fri from 6pm in New York: Tribeca
Autograph Signing Session with Hachioji P

Get a location-exclusive “MIKU EXPO Tour Sticker” by visiting the store and a “MIKU EXPO Supporters Pin Badge” by participating in the drawing workshop!

MIKU EXPO Tour Sticker Hunt!

A limited run of collectible MIKU EXPO Tour Stickers will be available exclusively at various MIKU EXPO events! All stickers are NOT FOR SALE and will be handed out during events in each city, until the end of the tour. Don't forget to grab one in your city!

Distributed at "Let's Draw!" event in Seattle
San Francisco
Distributed at "Let's Draw!" event in San Francisco
Los Angeles
Distributed at "Let's Draw!" event in Los Angeles
Distributed at "Let's Draw!" event in Dallas
Distributed at "Let's Draw!" event in Houston
Distributed at "Short Film Festival" in Toronto
Distributed at "Let's Draw!" event in Chicago
New York
Distributed at "Let's Draw!" event in New York
Bundled with VIP goods at Monterrey MIKU EXPO concert
Mexico City
Bundled with VIP goods at Mexico City MIKU EXPO concert
Musica Vita Est
Distributed at Kinokuniya Bookstore in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York on each concert show day.
Distributed at "Let's Draw!" events in Portland, San Jose, San Diego and Austin

Illustrations by lawlietlk